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To say that Patty Rocklage is a merely astounding psychiatrist and therapist would be to say that an apple is just a fruit and nothing special: In fact, Patty has worked in psychology and knows its multiple ins and outs while continuing to further her education and learn new things in the field every day.

She continues to surpass, astound, amaze and ultimately “wow” her fellow colleagues, coworkers, patients, acting professors and all others with her ability to produce new theories and results every time. She hits the mark right on the dote, as they say, and sets a new target in sight each time. It is amazing to see the potential that this woman holds, one of which may not be measured or counted for all its depth or range of possibility. This woman is beyond special. Read more: Pattry Rocklage | Crunchbase and Patty Rocklage | LinkedIn

To live in the Greater Boston Area is not always easy: With the influx of housing costs, joblessness, violence and other plagues, one can easily lose his or her mental sanity; in that case, it’s a good thing that Boston residents have an expert in mental health living right there.

Patty specializes in mental health all across her city and loves each second of it, helping as many victims as possible while keeping a gorgeous smile on her face. How does she do it?

Patty has also been endorsed for several top skills. It has all happened on LinkedIn, a place for true professionals to get out there and networks, all of which Patty has done thus far: She holds more than 50 connections.

She has also been both endorsed and highly sought for her skills with community outreach initiation, group teaching, psychology coaching, public speaking and even overall team building. She’s a solid team leader and not a bad individual player.