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The Most Successful American Investor; Paul Mampilly

The world is scarce of professional investors like Paul Mampilly who willingly commits to changing the society through the courage of walking in the path of investments. He has worked with big financial institutions such as Deutsche Bank and Bankers Trust as an analyst and portfolio manager. His contribution to these companies resulted in significant achievements that are recorded to date.

Having a 25 years experience in the investing and ability to sustain diverse careers related to finance, he appeals to companies and individuals to join his passion in investing for greater gains irrespective of their financial share, risk tolerance, and investment acumen.

His achievements are numerous; they range from author-related to managerial and investment related. He served as an author and analysts for Common Sense Publishers, Stanberry research, and Agora financial investments among others. These companies experienced tremendous growth in their gains during his tenure. Besides, he was a portfolio manager for the Kinetics Asset Management for more than five years during which he helped the company raise more than 25 billion for their hedge fund. Paul Mampilly has worked professionally with senior clients in the world such as the European aristocracy and the Templeton Foundation, which increased his opportunities to prove to the world his expertise in investments and consultancy in the same.

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Paul Mampilly established the Profits Unlimited through Banyan Hill Publishing with the aim of making the Wall Street Americans aware of his evolutionary investments. His passion for enlightening them compelled him to work harder through his newsletters that have been marked the most rapidly growing in the investment field. He has more than sixty thousand subscribers who read his sharing of what he terms as ‘evolutionary way of investing.’ His commitment is evident through his monthly publications that he mails to all his customers updating them on the current stock.

With many people and lucrative companies having doubts in channeling their money in investments, Mampilly is one great resource willing to help people walk through this path while leaning on his expertise consultation. As founder of the Capuchin consulting agency, Mampilly is the reason why professional investors should not fear.