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The Frontera Fund – Supporting Civil Rights

The Frontera Fund is a fundamental institution for groups that advocate for humans and civil rights.

Created by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, co-founders of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media, the Frontera Fund is a funding organization that uses a settlement money of millions of dollars to fund the actions of organizations that fight for these rights.

Many organizations out there have the primary goal of helping communities have a voice and find justice, but these organizations often do not have enough monetary support, mainly because they usually do not make any profits, they are just philanthropical groups.

These organizations, because of how hard it is to find funding support, often end up losing their steam and can’t help as many victims of legal abuse as they would want to. Some even end up failing and dismantling, and that has already happened to countless civil rights institutions and groups in the United States and in other countries in the world.

With Frontera Fund, hopefully, things are going to be different.

The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund was founded by the two entrepreneurs in order to serve as a catalyst for the duo to use a settlement money to help fight for freedom of speech and freedom of expression, justice, and fight against legal abuse and oppression.

It was created with the intention of using the settlement money of more than three million dollars from the arrest of Michael and Jim, in 2007. The duo was arrested by a sheriff, and saw themselves being victims of legal oppression and a lack of justice. With the settlement money, they used it to create a funding institution focused on combating that aggression.

The group behind the Frontera Fund is very bold and true to their nature, and they have had a hard stance in many different situations where they are using their influence, the Frontera Fund’s influence, and their voice, to promote freedom of speech and condemn injustice and prejudice.

This kind of event has happened countless times, and Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have already stated their opinions on matters like the Donald Trump’s campaign of making America great again and building a wall, as well as the latest news about Donald Trump wanting to ban Islamic migrants from entering the American territory because of the attacks on Paris.

The duo, despite not always agreeing with the majority of the population, is always fighting for the respect of civil, humans and migrants’ rights, and they want the United States to have a legal system that is fair for everyone and does not promote racism or preconception in any way.

The two co-founders of Phoenix New Times, Village Voice Media and now, creators of the Frontera Fund, have been called by many communities and thanked for their stance on freedom of speech. Because of their funding institution, many other organizations have also praised the two philanthropists, as many of them would not exist today without the help of the Frontera Fund.

In Arizona, the Frontera Fund has contributed to making sure civil rights are respected and that communities have a voice to be heard.

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Michael Lacey


Michael Lacey And Jim Larkin Are Great Guys

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are best known as the founders of news media giant Village Voice Media. Here are two important events that the pair has been involved with at various points throughout their careers.


Larkin and Lacey’s unfortunate relation to Joe Arpaio, former Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff

Joe Arpaio was once the Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, bringing hardline views against the illegal immigration of Mexican residents into the United States for 24 years. Larkin and Lacey, both deeply involved in the publication of various newsletters, journals, magazines, and blogs, shares news stories that disagreed with what Arpaio stood for.

Just as Arpaio had illegally detained far too many non-citizens seeking unauthorized entry into the United States, he even sought out Larkin and Lacey, holding them against their will. Arpaio effectively violated the journalistic, entrepreneurial pair’s civil rights, ultimately resulting in a $3.75-million sum paid out to them. With that, they funded the Frontera Fund, a nonprofit that helps protect human rights.


The entrepreneurial expert pair’s relation to Front Page Confidential

Most – if not all – governments across the modern world have constitutions that lay the basic laws and liberties that their constituents must abide by and are privy to. The Constitution of the United States of America has roots dating back to September 1787, nearly 250 years ago. America’s most fundamental legal document’s First Amendment essentially allows both citizens and transient residents of the United States to speak about whatever they desire, worship through whatever church they believe in, and peacefully protest against government agencies.

However, some politicians – however ironic it may sound – and businesses don’t believe people in America should be able to express themselves how they see fit.

Front Page Confidential fights against those who don’t support free speech and regularly publishes articles related to the history of and current events regarding or involving the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment.