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Sightsavers Sets Sights on Website

Sightsavers is a medical company that is set up to perform sight saving surgeries to those in need in low income communities. They serve all types of people and in several countries. Mostly in third world countries but also the United States, UK, Ireland, and the Middle East to name a few. Doctors perform eye surgeries and sight saving procedures on children and adults who are in desperate need of the surgeries.


Sight savers has recently set up a website to showcase research and publications. The website is designed to help people find them and discover the amazing things they do. This will help Sightsavers get help with research, funding and provide some resources. In 2017, Sightsavers was awarded the Independent Research Organization status to allow them to perform research.


Now with availability of grants and funding Sightsavers can perform various research on tropical diseases and glaucoma among other research topics. There are several types of eye diseases that need to be researched and cured or at least stabilized in these cultures. Some to not only restore eyesight, stop progression of the disease but also life saving. If untreated some eye disease may lead up to death in some situations. Being allowed to do extensive research is a must for this type of organization.


The research website is full of information and resources and provides mission statements and other legal answers. Providing options for research is imperative to Sightsavers as they want to keep up to date on all areas of the medical arena to include current eye care procedures and policies. At the website you also find a tab for publications and resources. Here you will be able to discover many places who support Sightsavers and offer other means of help. Doctors and nurses around the world can help support the mission of Sightsavers by viewing their mission and supporting their vision. Also on the website is a tab where you can view projects that have been successful and read about where Sightsavers is headed in the future.