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Rocketship Education Closes the Achievement Gap

Low-income earners face numerous hardships, the most prominent one being accessing quality education. Rocketship Education has come up with a solution for these people by establishing schools in neighborhoods that are dominated by people who are less financially endowed. The aim of these schools is to provide high-quality education for all students.

Rocketship Education is a network of public schools that have a K-5 charter. It was founded in the year 2006 by John Danner and Preston Smith. They established the first school the following year in San Jose, California. Besides, the idea of bringing excellent schools to areas where access to basic education is limited quite brilliant. It is also a first step in the journey of closing the achievement gap.

In order to tap the potential of the students, Rocketship Education gives each student attention based on their unique need. This is made possible by a combination of per-student tutoring, traditional instructions, and the use of adaptive technology. This has really transformed the provision of elementary education here in the United States.

The belief that each student deserves quality education has inspired Rocketship Education to expand rapidly. They open at least one school each year in different parts of the country like New Orleans, Indianapolis, and Washington DC. Each of these schools has about 450 students, which are actually an ideal student population size for a public school. Their vice president of policy Katy Venskus recently pointed out the fact that this expansion has made the network more complex. They, however, have adopted a system that simplifies their administration.

In addition to educating the students, Rocketship Education has done much more to transform the state of education in this country. They have been engaging the parents, empowering their teachers, and most prominent of all, they keep inspiring the community in general. This was done in the realization that in order to provide excellent education, all stakeholders have to be taken into consideration.

The Rocketship Education has really brought a new light to the education sector. They have been proving over and over that quality education for all is actually a possibility.