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Ricardo Tosto’s Legal Work

The Career of Ricardo Tosto

When studying the landscape of Brazilian commercial litigation, it is very important to understand which attorneys are truly the movers and shakers. Ricardo Tosto is recognized as being a force in the Brazilian commercial law field, due to his work at Leite Tosto e Barros Advogados. This is a Top 10 law firm in Brazil that Ricardo Tosto co-founded with the other two attorneys. He continuously sets the bar on commercial law in some of Brazil’s most important commercial litigation cases.

There are a lot of reasons that people turn to Ricardo Tosto when they need this sort of work.

What accomplishments does Ricardo Tosto have?

By understanding the accomplishments of Ricardo Tosto, you will begin to get a clear picture of of Brazil. At the law firm he practices that, you can get any number of business law work done – including intellectual property litigation, corporate law, business criminal cases and more. Any time require the help of a commercial lawyer, it is crucially important that you find the service of such a professional – as it will give you a strong footing in your industry.

In addition to standard legal works, he has been called upon to serve on a variety of political campaigns. Perhaps most notably, Ricardo Tosto served on the campaign for Paulo Maluf and more information click here.

The law firm that he works for is known as one of the most prestigious in the entire nation of Brazil. It is for this reason that he is noted as an attorney who understands the landscape of international commerce and politics. As a member of the International Bar Association, Ricardo Tosto has a unique perspective which lends him to the valuable in many areas of public law. He shares his thoughts on political landscapes by penning articles that have appeared in a lot of legal magazines and journals and Ricardo’s lacrosse camp.

Further, he is a Legal 500 accredited attorney who handles virtually every aspect of business law on his day-to-day work at his law firm. Take advantage of the information in this article to learn a little bit more about Ricardo Tosto.

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  1. I knew Ricardo Tosto after a friend of mine was involved in a litigation case. I became interested in him after I observed the manner he listened so attentively to details. According to melbourne assignment writing service, Tosto is a great force to reckon with when it comes to attorneys in Brazil. He has also settled so many cases out of court which has given him more credit.

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