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Randal Nardone Success in the Financial Industry

Randal Nardone is renowned as the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group LLC. He is also the Chief Executive Officer and the Director of the financial company. Fortress Investment Group is an investment firm where Nardone serves in the top management from 1998. He was appointed as a board director in 2006. He made great success in the firm. In 2013, Nardone became the Chief Executive Officer of this firm. He was already a self-made entrepreneur at the age 51. At this juncture, Randal Nardone was featured in position 557 in the Forbes list of the worldwide billionaires. A significant percentage of his wealth is grounded on Fortress Investment Group where he has 53 million shares that are worth 1.6 billion US Dollars. This is not a surprise since he is a co-founder of this incredible investment firm. Apart from shares wealth, Nardone has also been able to make 100 million US Dollars from 2005.

Randal Nardone has a tremendous educational background. Nardone pursued his education at the University of Connecticut where he attained a bachelor of art degree in Science. He also holds a doctorate in Jurisprudence. He began working at Thatcher Profit and Wood right after his education. He then moved to BlackRock financial and further proceeded to UBS. He became co-founded Fortress Investment Group in 1998 in conjunction with his partners Michael Novogratz, Peter Briger, Wesley Edens and Robert Kauffman. He has been able to maintain the growth and development of the Fortress Investment Group all through his experience and expertise. This firm has been able to offer its clients high-quality and outstanding services.

Apart from his incredible skills and tremendous experience, Nardone has grown as an expert in the financial department. Randal Nardone is behind the great ideas and strategies that have seen Fortress Investment Group through tremendous growth and expansion all through the entire aspects of the company. It’s through his expertise and ideas that many clients and companies have been able to attain financial success. Apart from being the CEO of Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone also serves as the president of Springlife Financial Holdings. He is also the secretary and the vice president of Newcastle Investment Holdings. His leadership skills are incredible and superior. He has been a great drive towards the success of Fortress Investment Group. His contribution will have a long term impact and will be remembered forever. Thanks for his dedication.