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Meet Igor Cornelsen: An Engineer, a Leader, and a Banker

Igor Cornelsen graduated from Federal University of Parana in the year 1970 and got a job at a prestigious investment bank. During those days, many banks had the tradition of employing young engineers because they were capable of calculating compounded interest rates. By then, computers and calculators were few and were rarely used.

Igor Cornelsen performed well and earned trust and respect from customers and employers. While working as a banker in Rio, he got a promotion to become one of the directors at Multibanco in the year 1974. Two years later, Igor became the Chief Executive Officer of the bank. In 1978, Multibanco became part of Bank of America and Igor decided to look for a job elsewhere. Luckily, he got an opportunity to work at Unibanco, top investment Company in Brazil.

Igor worked at the Unibanco until 1985, when he moved to the London Merchant Bank. This achievement did not only mark a critical point of his profession, but it also opened up several investment opportunities for him. After some time, Igor relocated to the Standard Chartered Merchant Firm as a director as well as the representative of the bank in Brazil. He remained at this vital position for seven years.

In 1995, Cornelsen decided to start his own investment company providing services similar to those provided by London merchant banks. Currently, Igor works at his company as the investment manager. He says that the idea of starting his firm was fueled by the high level of experience he had acquired while working as a banker. He had been managing funds since 1971 and had a wealth of experience in the area. He starts his normal day early in the morning. He then takes a look at the international news and studies economies as well as companies later in the day after which he listens to the view of his friends about the developments in the industry.

About Igor Cornelsen

Igor was born in October 1947 in Brazil. In the year 1965, he went to the University of Parana to study engineering. By then, engineering courses were highly competitive because they were only offered by one institution in the entire State of Parana. After studying engineering for two years, Cornelsen changed his mind. He chose to go another route: studying economics.