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Jose Neto of JHSF Develops Strong Clientele Relationships to Promote Business in Brazil

JHSF is a top ranking real estate company in Brazil. The firm has its operation across different commercial as well as residential markets. It deals with acquisitions, development of property, executive airports as well as shopping centers. Since its development in 1972, the company has focused on building excellent client relationships with the aim of promoting real estate business. JHSF is prominent for its ability to initiate business by recognizing emerging business opportunities in different sectors of various industries. The firm is also leading for its mission of supporting innovative initiatives that have been designed to provide long lasting solutions to Brazilian markets.


JHSF is prominent for its business success stories. From the projects it has handled as a firm, it is evident that the future of Brazil is in safe, innovative hands. From consolidating high-end projects in Sao Paulo, Salvador as well as Manors to landing partnerships with different businesses, JHSF is a lead example of companies that have successfully implemented portfolio diversification. The company operates under four primary units of:


  • Incorporations
  • Malls
  • Airports

Like most well-established businesses, JHSF has traveled through challenges while honing its skills in developing profit generation activities. The company is currently hooked to income earning sectors that recur over the years. A good example of such sector is the hospitality industry where hotels keep generating more ideas for travelers and people who pursue leisure activities. JHSF is characterized by the ability to develop and control demanding projects in the urban developmental areas. From urban hotels, classrooms, offices and health care buildings, JHSF understands the specialization of different clients. Through the understanding, the company develops building designs that suit customers. The forty-two-year-old company is recognized by the government thanks to the efforts of its leader, Jose Neto and more information click here.

Jose Neto

Jose Neto is the chief executive officer of JHSF. He has been in service since 2003. He is prominent for establishing the parking lot management of Parkbem department under JHSF. This was in 1997. From 2006 to 2014, Jose Neto served as the chief executive officer of Partcipacoes South Africa under JHSF. Jose is a serial entrepreneur who has built excellent clientele relationships.

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