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Jeff Herman Is One Of The Nation’s Hottest Lawyers In The Field Of Sexual Abuse

Reverend Neil Doherty was once the head of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Miami, a sect of the Roman Catholic Church that is found in Miami, Florida. Throughout his decades-long stint atop Miami’s highest order of the Roman Catholic Church, Doherty had been accused of sexually abusing children on multiple occasions. Unfortunately for the world at large, law enforcement agencies and state prosecutors couldn’t seem to get any of his alleged wrongdoings to stick. By the time they were brought to court less than a decade ago, their statutes of limitation had expired, meaning they couldn’t legally be heard in any United States courts of law.


Eventually, attorney Jeff Herman took a case in which his client alleged that Neil Doherty had abused him in 1986; most sexual abuse cases – or any cases, for that matter – don’t take upwards of 25 years to surface, making it extremely unlikely from the jump that Jeff Herman could manage to stick one or more Charges Against Reverend Neil Doherty.


After stellar defense by Neil Doherty’s high-class attorneys, eventually the court found Doherty guilty of child sex abuse and was ordered to fork over a whopping $100 million to the single victim of the crime that was proven beyond a reasonable doubt from more than 25 years’ prior at the time of the trial in 2011.


Since then, Jeff Herman has been known as one of the most successful trial lawyers in the field of sexual abuse in the United States; even before then, Mr. Herman was known widely throughout the states of New York and Florida for his top-notch work in each of the two states, the latter being his home state of practice and residence. For over a decade, Herman has made national headlines exposing sexual predators and the institutions that protect them.


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Tips to prevent sexual abuse


Preventing all instances of child sexual abuse is impossible. However, if every parent equipped their children with the following knowledge, we’d all be better off:


  • Herman says to talk to children on a level they’ll understand when explaining abuse.


  • Make sure they know to scream as loudly and as long as they can.


  • Don’t just talk to your kids once about sex – keep the conversation ongoing.


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