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Incredible Contribution Of Shafik Sachedina At Ismaili Institutions

Shafik Sachedina is a successful leader who has gained the respect of many people in the world. He has gained a lot of skills in the corporate world that has boosted him in his career life. Many leaders have emulated his art of leadership due to great accomplishments that he has recorded. He has demonstrated skillful management abilities in all the roles that he played in various institutions. Shafik Sachedina established a good performance record in his career.

Shafik Sachedina was trained as a surgeon in one of the prestigious institution of higher learning. He attended the University of London for his undergraduate education. Shafik Sachedina has brought a lot of transformation as one of the leaders at Ismaili institute. The institution specializes in promoting Islamic has succeeded in promoting the culture and religious practices of the Muslims. Shafik Sachedina has been in the forefront in devising strategies that are fundamental in running the operations of the institution. His success in running the Ismaili institution is due to the skills that he gained while working in various leadership positions. He worked as a volunteer at Jamati institution. His contribution in the organization led to the expansion of service provision.

Dr. Sachedina has succeeded in running 16 branches of the Ismaili institution. The intuition has improved in providing Muslim education. Many people have been taught the Muslim culture through the leadership of Dr. Sachedina. He has fostered the relationship between the Muslim and other people in the society. The institution has enlightened the members of the public of the cultural practices of the Muslim community. The education is of great help in encouraging peaceful coexistence in the community.

Sachedina is responsible for all the activities of Ismaili Communities Institutes that are based in Asia. All the staff members in the institution are answerable to the Imam. Ismaili Communities Institutes have benefited from the guidance that is provided by Sachedina. He has made the institution to gain reputation in various parts of the world. Many leaders have emulated him because of his leadership abilities to run 16 branches of the Ismaili institution.

Sachedina has occupied various positions at Ismaili institutions. Some of the positions that he has held include board member at Ismaili Leaders’ International Forum. He has also served at United Kingdom’s Ismaili community as the president. He worked in the institution has a volunteer. Sachedina is committed to ensuring that all the organizations he has led have succeeded in their operations.

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