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How Betsy DeVos is Determined to Bring Change in the United States

Betsy DeVos is an individual who has made significant accomplishments in her life. She is a competent business person, education activist, philanthropist, and politician. Mrs. DeVos has made donations to ensure that the United States has a school system that can allow children from all types of neighborhoods to have a decent education. She believes that this can be possible through the use of school vouchers and the establishment of charter schools. Betsy has accumulated her wealth from business, and she co-founded the Windquest Group with her husband, Dick DeVos. Dick’s family owns Orlando Magic and Amway. The couple started offering their support to the community in 1989 after founding the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation.


Mrs. DeVos kicked off her mission to reform the U.S school system about two decades ago, and she has currently achieved this in more than 25 states. She has encouraged the use of public funds to offer bursaries and scholarships that can enable children from low-income neighborhoods to attend better learning institutions. Betsy is the U.S secretary of education, and she was offered the position due to her commitment to improving the field. Her impact on the sector allowed her to earn a seat at Foundation for Excellence in Education’s board of directors. She had an opportunity to be a volunteer at the All Children Matter PAC, Grand Rapids Public School, the American Federation for Children, Kids Hope USA, and the All Children Matter PAC. Mrs. DeVos and her husband have supported disadvantaged children by funding the Potter’s House School, which is Cristian organization.


Besides charity, Betsy DeVos has been interested in political affairs since 1976 when she was in college. She offered to help in the campaigns of Gerald R. Ford. Betsy had been a supporter of the Republican Party and became its member in 1982. As from 1986, she was elected several times as a delegate and later joined the Republican National Committee’s Michigan-based office in 1992. Mrs. DeVos served the committee for four years and was elected to chair the Republican Party’s Michigan division as from 1996. She has committed herself to ensuring that the party has sufficient resources to run its operation by taking part in several fundraisers. Betsy volunteered to support the re-election campaigns of George Bush by raising over $150,000. The DeVos family has always supported the activities of the Republican Party and has offered it approximately $17 million in the past four decades.


Betsy is a hard working person and has established herself well in the corporate world. She co-owns the Windquest Group, which is a firm that has currently ventured in a variety of businesses. Mrs. DeVos is also interested in Neorocore, and she invested more than $5 million. The company has developed state-of-the-art therapies for depression, anxiety, and autism.


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