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Herbalife Strikes a Deal with Jonathan dos Santos till the Year 2021

If you are looking for nutritional products that would help you meet the nutritional requirements of your body with ease, then you must try the nutritional products from Herbalife. It is one of the leaders in the nutrition industry and has an extensive range of nutritional products that help people stay fit and healthy. The food habits of people have deteriorated in the past couple of decades, and it doesn’t provide the body with the optimum amount of vitamins, minerals, and other essential elements that the body needs proper functioning. Herbalife has products that would ensure that your body gets proper nutritional requirements. The company has been around for years and is known for the high-quality products that they offer to their customers.


Our body needs a balanced amount of various elements to function optimally, and Herbalife has a product range that provides that. The company has a global presence in many different countries, and it continues to make its presence stronger worldwide with time. The products of Herbalife are marketed through its network of members spread across the globe. It helps the company to penetrate different markets with ease and ensure that its products are available and easily accessible. Herbalife is also a popular nutritional products company among the athletes, and many of the popular sports personalities swear by the benefits they have felt after consuming the products of Herbalife. But, it is not just sportsperson who can benefit from their products; even ordinary people can live a healthy life by consuming them.


Herbalife sponsors more than 190 athletes from across the globe, and it includes popular names like Cristiano Ronaldo as well. The company recently sponsored Mexican midfielder named Jonathan dos Santos. He is the member of the LA Galaxy, a team that is endorsed by Herbalife as well. Jonathan dos Santos is the member of the Mexican world cup team and is known for his commitment to health and fitness. It is this commitment to fit and healthy life that compelled Herbalife to partner with the athlete as its sports performance nutrition partner. The CEO of Herbalife Rich Goudis said that it is a matter of pride for the company to sponsor Mexican soccer champion, and believes that it would help the company’s brand recognition positively as well during the world cup season. The company is hopeful that the association will be welcomed by others and will help the company grow further in the coming years.