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Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Warm Personality is Not Overshadowed by Her Accolades

Dr. Jennifer Walden is often described by her patients as having a welcoming personality that puts them at ease. As one of today’s leading plastic surgeons, Dr. Walden specializes in aiding people in improving their looks through cosmetic surgery. Having been a practicing surgeon in this field for over 15 years, she understands the connection the body has with the mind in helping a person maintain a positive outlook about themselves. She strives to give her patients the best care possible by providing them with a non-intimidating environment as well as natural looking results and more information click here.


The positive reviews Dr. Walden receives from the people she treats, are not the only accolades she has obtained during her time as a practicing plastic surgeon. She has received the Mavis P. Kelsey award for excellence in medicine, the Janet M. Glasgow award for her achievements in medicine and several scholarship awards to assist in her education. In addition to making the Dean’s list during her years at the University of Texas Medical Branch, she has also been listed in the book of Who’s Who for American Universities, was a member of several university honor societies and was salutatorian of her university graduating class and Dr. Walden on Facebook.


Although Dr. Jennifer Walden began her career as an intern at a medical facility in Manhattan, she eventually moved back to her hometown of Austin, Texas. She currently has a practice in Austin, where she performs a variety of procedures that includes everything from Botox injections to chin implants and body contouring. In addition to operating her own clinic for cosmetic surgery, she is also associated with several area hospitals including Westlake Medical Center and Seton Hospital. She has also been the author of several journal publications and serves on the boards of two prestigious organizations in the field of plastic surgery and learn more about Dr. Walden.