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CEO Sheldon Lavin Notable Advice on the Value of Employees

The success of any business depends on its management and leadership policies defined by the head of the business. Many businesses like the OSI group, require critical policy formulation by the head of the firm so that they can out to be financially successful. Leadership and professional expertise are critical for the executive decision making of any firm. Sheldon Lavin is an exceptional leader and CEO of the OSI group that has succeeded in the business. It is critical to note that his diverse expertise in the banking industry has assisted greatly as he heads the OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin proved that a leading investor could easily switch from one industry to another and become a success if they are passionate about the growth of the business. It is notable that Sheldon Lavin was once a business leader in the banking industry before joining the OSI group that currently deals with the provision of the food products and read full article.


Heading an organization that has more than 15,000 employees in the meat industry is not an easy task, but Sheldon has shown his expertise in the organization by becoming a CEO of the successful OSI group business. He has greatly succeeded to transform a business that was once a meat supplier to a global business that provides various food products to its client in various states. Sheldon rose through different ranks due to his commitment and professional expertise that made him become the CEO of the group. In his policies, Sheldon Lavin outlines that employees are a very critical element of the business and their cooperation greatly determines the success or the performance of the business and his Linkedin.


According to Sheldon Lavin, the employees should be treated as part of the organization and not just tool of production. They should be motivated to work hard and through regular training be mentored on their benefit to the company. Bonus system of rewarding the employees should be employed to ensure that all employees work hard to earn more. They should be provided with different targets and rewarded according to how each of them performs. Sheldon Lavin also outlines that by making the employees buy the company shares, this would mean they own part of the organization and thus will work towards improving the market share of the organization and also enjoying higher dividends through their hard work. Sheldon Lavin is an exceptional leader and CEO of the OSI group that has succeeded in the business and Sheldon Lavin’s lacrosse camp.