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Sudhir Choudhrie: founder and vice chairman of Alpha C & C Group

Sudhir Choudhrie Is a Philanthropist Too Sudhir Choudhrie is not just the founder and vice chairman of Alpha C & C Group but also a philanthropist. He’s donated generously to causes like cancer research, medical research, and education. Choudhrie donated £10 million to the Breakthrough Institute (an organization that researches science and technology policy) and […]

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Greg Brat’s History

Greg Blatt’s expansive profession has paralleled the monumental growing trajectory of these businesses. And he has leveraged previously achieved skills to play a central leadership role within these businesses. As a modern Executive leader and CEO, Greg Blatt has known the innate significance of remaining focused on his professional assignments and has vigorously sought positions […]

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 President of Avant Kristin Ihle on unlocking effective mentorship and employee potential

Ihle knows that employee potential is key to success. She’s a firm believer that the most successful businesses are able to unlock the potential of their employees. And she’s not alone – many experts agree that employee potential is a crucial enabler of business success. Employee potential can be unlocked through two main strategies: coaching […]

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Yves Mirabaud’s Response on The Declining Profits of Mirabaud’s Company

Yves Mirabaud is among the four managing partners of Mirabaud Group and has a management degree from Harvard. His response to the declining profits of the firm was the US dollar weakness in their business interest. He clarified that it was not any wrongdoing on the part of management. Among Yves Mirabaud’s strategies to counter […]

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