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An In-Depth Look at Andrew Rocklage Successful Career Journey

Andrew Rocklage is a prominent businessman and an attorney. Over the years, he has shown a keen interest in business making his name as one of the most sought after entrepreneurs in the entire Boston area.

Currently, the legal authority is the owner of Sky Zone Trampoline Park, one of the most popular and innovative trampoline parks in the United States. Under his leadership, this facility has been praised for its exceptional service delivery. Given his expertise in developing talents, Sky Zone Trampoline Park is poised to grow into one of the most successful organizations in the business world.

Education and Career Background

Andrew Rocklage graduated with a bachelor’s degree in sports management and economics from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst-Isenberg School of Management. His decision to pursue this degree in sports has left many surprised as he doesn’t apply this in business dealings. As a matter of fact, his tastes and preferences of business have been evolving throughout the years.

Immediately after graduating, he joined the Suffolk University Law School where he graduated with a JD degree. After graduating from the reputed law school, Andrew Rocklage has not been anything more than a shrewd business man and an attorney.

His career began as an intern in several organizations while he was still in college. This partnership gave Rocklage a priceless connection with the Boston business community, which turned out to be beneficial later in his career.

In the business world, Andrew Rocklage has manifested his competence and in-depth understanding of the Boston business environment. In all the firms he has worked for, Rocklage has proved to be a force to reckon especially in talent development and building business brands.

In addition to operating Sky Zone Trampoline Park, Rocklage has also served in several organizations including serving as corporate counsel for EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals.

He has also held a number of senior positions in other reputable organizations including Avery, Dooley& Noone, LLP, Cubist Pharmaceuticals and Doherty, Wallace, Pillsbury & Murphy P.C. In all these firms, he served as an attorney. Although he did perfectly well in the law world, it didn’t excite him, and therefore, he turned to business.

Given his successful career journey so far, the young entrepreneur is poised to achieve more in future. Although he has remained in Boston, Rocklage he has interests in traveling and embracing new people and places. This hobby means that Rocklage may soon be venturing other regions in the future.