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5 Tips For Business Success From Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman

In 2014, Paul Herdsman took a chance on building a business with no real experience in managing people or dealing with infrastructure. As co-founder of NICE Global, Paul dedicated himself to running the business located in his native island country of Jamaica. His hard work and initial planning have enabled Nice Global to succeed in the customer service industry.


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Mr. Herdsman offered some Useful Business Tips that help keep a budding company stay above the crowd.


  • Hire Great Talent


One of the most important steps in running a business is hiring the best talent. One of the ways NICE Global has done this is by creating a referral program. A referral program can help to bypass some of the long periods of searching for candidates.


  • Employee Satisfaction


The importance of employee satisfaction can play just as big a role as the happiness of your clients. This starts with creating more of a family type environment so that employees feel that they are part of the business and not just a number.


  • Train For Success


Paul Herdsman believes formal training is another aspect of employee satisfaction. Training can make the difference between a staff member being proficient or feeling like they were just thrown into the mix. After training, the learning curve needs to be an ongoing factor to help increase employee expertise. Happy, well-trained workers don’t usually go looking for other jobs. Clients gain comfort and trust in a company with workers that convey consistency and professionalism.


  • Reward Great Performance


Mr. Herdsman also stresses the importance or rewards for performance. Employees that help move the company in the right direction should get rewarded. This helps other employees see what they should be focused on and will push them to move in the same direction.


  • Be A Problem Solver


Finally, learn to be a great problem solver by asking questions that allow for greater refinement of the needs of the target audience. Both easy and complex problems can be solved by asking accurate questions and including the most qualified people in the discussion.


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