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Tempus CEO Eric Lefkofsky Explores IPO

Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder and chief executive officer of precision medicine company Tempus. It’s been reported he’s exploring an initial public offering of Tempus medical firm, possibly as soon as the first half of 2022. Tempus is based in Chicago, IL, and offers digital tools to doctors who use them to provide personalized treatments to patients with cancer. 


A Tempus spokesperson declined to comment on the matter. Tempus recently raised $200 million in a funding round and $250 million in convertible debt. It was valued at $8.1 billion in December 2020. Investors include Google, Novo Holdings, T. Rowe Price Group Inc and Franklin Templeton. Eric Lefkofsky co-founded it in 2015 with the goal of building the largest library of molecular and clinical data in the world. 


In a partnership with Cedars-Sinai Cancer, the library is used to create personalized treatments using a patient’s DNA, RNA and protein. Eric Lefkofsky recently said he’s aware of his company’s responsibility and power to eradicate cancer and other diseases. The goal is to help people be healthier and live longer. Eric Lefkofksy has recently beefed up the leadership team at Tempus. Nobel laureate Jennifer Doudna was added to its board of directors, and Jim Rogers was promoted to the position of chief financial officer. 

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