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Mark Hauser and His Firm Invest in the Manufacturing Sector

During the past five years, the manufacturing sector in the United States has experienced steady growth. As a result, investors have looked to provide capital for businesses in this industry. One of the individuals who has looked to capitalize on the growth in the manufacturing sector is Mark Hauser. He is the founder and CEO of Hauser Private Equity. His firm specializes in managing assets and investing in companies in a variety of sectors. Mark’s firm is based out of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Under the leadership of Mark Hauser, Hauser Private Equity has completed a number of major deals with companies in the lower middle and middle size markets. Hauser has over three decades of experience in the financial sector. Over the course of his career, Mark has completed deals with private investments and mergers and acquisitions. During the past year, Mark’s firm has completed deals with a number of emerging companies in the manufacturing sector.

Mark Hauser and his firm have acquired an interest in companies such as Sigma Electric Manufacturing, Walker Edison, and Transportation Insight. Once completing these deals, Mark has looked to help them grow and develop into successful companies in the future. His investment capital will enable these companies to acquire the resources and financing they need in order to expand to other markets and locations. It will also allow these companies to cover expenses and ensure that they remain in business for the long term.

As well as providing capital, Mark Hauser and Hauser Private Equity will also provide advice and oversight of the companies. This will help the executives and owners of these businesses receive guidance and support in order to help them build their companies and make them more profitable. With Mark’s assistance, many mid-market companies have benefited from both his financial support and advisory services.

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