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How Miki Agrawal is changing the entrepreneurial field

The entrepreneurship field has drawn many professionals that have seen an opportunity to invest in life-changing ventures. Miki Agrawal is a well-known entrepreneur who has devoted her life to developing life-changing inventions that have changed many people’s lives.


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She is a graduate of Science in Business and Communication from Cornell University. The US bank employed her as a bank analyst in a New York-based City’s Deutsche Bank with such qualification. With such a successful career path, Miki Agrawal developed the urge to help others, especially after the devastating bombing on September 11th, 2001.

She started her first business venture in 2005, where she established gluten-free, a now successful restaurant with two branches in New York City. With the urge to continue touching people’s lives, she moved on and launched a hygienic underpants company called THINX in 2008 that received recognition across the country. Miki Agrawal is also a huge advocate of sustainable and environmentally friendly ventures that will not contribute to pollution. THINX’s primary focus is on women who are mostly affected during the menstrual cycles and always fight the stigma of dealing with infections. The underwear is designed to minimize infections in women and help with improved body hygiene.

With the success story of THINX, Miki Agrawal continues to expand her horizon in the business world by inventing other businesses to cub the shortages witnessed in the market. Coupled with the stress of visiting the toilets and finding it difficult to use the toilet papers that are sometimes out of stock, Miki Agrawal has advanced and established TUSHY. The company is recognized for creating bidet-style toilet attachments that have been widely accepted across the country. Such entrepreneurial fields have earned her a place in the global arena. Her recognition in the entrepreneurial areas has made her receive many awards from notable organizations such as Forbes and INC Magazines.

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