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 Ryan Kavanaugh Talks about Fighting for "The Movie"

You may not have heard of Ryan Kavanaugh, but he has been a significant player in the film industry for years. He is a co-founder and CEO of Relativity Media, recently sold to a Russian company to save it from bankruptcy. In this article, we will be discussing his thoughts on how crucial “The Movie” is to the future success of Hollywood studios.

Ryan Kavanaugh was featured in an article on Yahoo! Finance, where he spoke about what it means to fight for “The Movie.” He wants big studios to take these risks and produce films that will wow audiences. If they do not, the smaller independent companies like his own company, Relativity Media, will pick up the slack. As Kavanaugh says, “It’s almost like we’re on a big football team and there’s one quarterback that throws the touchdown passes. Well if you don’t throw touchdowns then it doesn’t matter.”

Ryan Kavanaugh was born in 1970 to parents who were Hollywood insiders; his father worked as an agent for Creative Artists Agency (CAA), and his mother was a vice president at MGM. He grew up around the industry and eventually worked through Beverly Hills High School, graduating in 1989. From there, he attended USC, where he studied business administration while taking film classes as well. While still attending school Kavanaugh began working for Fox 2000 Pictures, which is now a division of Twentieth Century Fox.

His first major film was “The Wedding Planner” in 2001, starring Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey. It made $60 million against its $34 million budget. That same year he also released the movie “A Knight’s Tale,” which starred Heath Ledger, who would later win an Oscar for “The Dark Knight.”

Ryan Kavanaugh has produced over 100 movies that have grossed well over $20 billion at the box office. His company Relativity Media, which he co-founded in 2004, established itself as a major player in Hollywood by taking risks on films with huge budgets but small returns. Kavanaugh told Yahoo! Finance, “We’re in the business of taking big risks and we love that. If you can get a movie made under $20 million or less, there are no rules; you do what it takes to make it great.”

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