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Miki Agrawal, Writer and Entrepreneur

An Ex-investment banker since 9/11, Miki Agrawal also wrote Do Cool Sh*T and Disrupt-HER. She lives in the New York City neighborhood of Williamsburg in an antique, converted church off the Bedford L stop with a sign out front reading “All Are Welcome.” Miki Agrawal asks herself if she lives an actualized “life or not?” She is in the habit of writing down things she likes to do, such as play soccer professionally, make movies, and start businesses. She has a wall decoration that reads, “I want to know what keeps you up at night, what moves you deeply and what aches your heart. I want to talk about magic, desire, and the meaning of life. I didn’t come here to live at the surface, I came to dive deeper & deeper & deeper. To see and be seen.”


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Miki Agrawal has played professional soccer in addition to starting her own freshly made pizzeria concept. However, she was sidelined by a soccer injury twice when she decided to get into video production instead, where she saw many unhealthy foods on set. She had no idea how to cook when she opened her restaurant concept, called Wild in 2005.

She has a partner who manages the only other location. She says that working in the restaurant industry means working 14 to 18 hour days. She has a creative streak that leads her to decorate her refrigerator with notes, inspirational quotes, and the Thinx company’s subway ad showing a peeled orange cut in half since Thinx resolved a long-standing women’s hygiene problem arising from a frustration with accidents. This is a particularly serious problem in developing countries, which hit her when she went to see the World Cup, to celebrate her brand-new, extreme entrepreneurship innovations with new ideas.

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