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SextPanther Offers a Safe Platform for Both Models and Users

Some people are comfortable with texting to communicate. SextPanther saw this opportunity to create a platform where adult creators can share with users the best way they want. Therefore, users get to communicate with their favorite models through texting. Adult texting, sexting is not something new. It has been used in common apps such as WhatsApp and SnapChat.

Therefore, SextPanther incorporated the culture in a safer platform. It assures security to both users and adult creators. There isn’t a need to download a new app that would compromise space and security on a user’s phone. They can visit SextPanther’s safe website and get to interact with their favorite models.

Some users would like to have more than sexting conversations with their adult creators. The platform offers more than texting. They can interact with these models through audio or video calls. Also, they can browse these models for free and choose their favorite. When they need to chat, they can subscribe for as little as $2. Also, adult creators get to choose the best way they want to interact with their clients. For instance, one can decide to rely only on sexting. They would then customize their rate. If there is an interested client, they can pay the stipulated rate to communicate with the model. All the models in the platform are accurate, and their information is kept safe. Due to this, the adult creator may not use their actual phone numbers. Models are also paid twice a month, depending on the commission they earn interacting with clients.

Signing up is free for both users and content creators. However, when users want to engage a model, they ought to buy credit, between $2 and $500. SextPanther believes in customer service. Therefore, it ensures that the needs of both clients and models are a priority.

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