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OSI Group knows Food

In the article, “A century of Innovation at OSI Group”, by, one learns about how a family-owned business turns into a worldwide corporation. OSI Group, originally known as Otto & Sons, was founded in 1909 by a German immigrant, Otto Kolschowsky, on the west side of Chicago. Surviving the aftermath of both world wars, OSI group, even then, proved to have the necessary formula to maintain stability despite any uncertainty in the economy. In 1955, Kolschowsky partnered with Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald’s, in what would prove to be a very profitable partnership for both parties involved.

In 1973, Otto & Sons built their first plant dedicated solely for the purpose of supplying McDonald’s products. Five years later, Otto & Sons became OSI Group, a world renown food supplier. Moving forward, OSI developed into one the most successful companies in the world, topping the Forbes list for one of most successful privately owned companies in 2106. Today, OSI Group continues to be a dominant leader in food production throughout the world. “OSI Group’s Spain Plant Doubles Chicken Output with Recent Expansion”, an article by the French Tribune, talks about OSI’s expansion in Spain due to the increase of demand for chicken in Portugal and Spain.

Executives of OSI estimate that the company will soon have the capacity to produce 45,000 tons of chicken, beef, and pork each year. This expansion is also great for the surrounding community, creating more jobs for locals. The renovation of the plant will include a new assembly line, added working space, and a new surveillance system. In addition, OSI purchased a former Tyson plant to expand it’s U.S. production as well. In conclusion, OSI is symbolic of what people consider the “American Dream”. From humble beginnings, this company has grown to become a brand that the world can rely on.

Ted Bauman Provides Tax Checklist for Cryptocurrency Investors

Positive the Facts recently highlighted the expertise of Ted Bauman in the article “Ted Bauman Explains Why Cryptocurrency Investors are Worried About the IRS.” The article, written by Paul Peters, reveals that despite the belief that the cryptocurrency is free of government restrictions, people are still legally obligated to pay taxes on their transactions.

Many cryptocurrency investors are beginning to panic after recognizing the tax implications of the cryptocurrency transactions. Despite taking a 50% drop in stock, cryptocurrency investors are still expected to pay their taxes. Many people became millionaires by investing in the blockchain technology, but their assets in cryptocurrency still need to be protected.

Ted Bauman, a prestigious writer for Banyan Hill Publishing, reveals that the IRS categorizes cryptocurrency as an asset which makes it an investment that investors need to acknowledge to the IRS. When people trade the digital currency, even in other countries, the investor creates a gain or loss. The IRS also began investigating the cryptocurrency in 2013 after it was created to be a government-free currency. The inventor Satoshi Nakamoto also created blockchain technology to improve the anonymity of investors. However, the IRS asked the government to provide the names of 14,000 Coinbase customers who had made trades of more than $20,000. The federal court ordered the company to provide the names and personal information of the customers. They will most likely face the consequences of the IRS in penalties, interest charges, and audits.

This is why Ted Bauman created a tax checklist for people who have invested in cryptocurrency. He reveals that the purchases made with the technology are all considered taxable events. People who are paid in cryptocurrency still need to claim that as income on tax forms. Those who pay others in cryptocurrency need to report the payment to the IRS. He reports that people who have made transactions are responsible for making detailed records of their transactions and report them to the IRS.

Ted Bauman was also featured in Kenneth Paroza’s article “Here’s How the Bull Market Dies” which discusses that people invested in American countries across the world will need to be wary of the possible trade war that may occur due to the current political climate.

Jeff Herman Is One Of The Nation’s Hottest Lawyers In The Field Of Sexual Abuse

Reverend Neil Doherty was once the head of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Miami, a sect of the Roman Catholic Church that is found in Miami, Florida. Throughout his decades-long stint atop Miami’s highest order of the Roman Catholic Church, Doherty had been accused of sexually abusing children on multiple occasions. Unfortunately for the world at large, law enforcement agencies and state prosecutors couldn’t seem to get any of his alleged wrongdoings to stick. By the time they were brought to court less than a decade ago, their statutes of limitation had expired, meaning they couldn’t legally be heard in any United States courts of law.


Eventually, attorney Jeff Herman took a case in which his client alleged that Neil Doherty had abused him in 1986; most sexual abuse cases – or any cases, for that matter – don’t take upwards of 25 years to surface, making it extremely unlikely from the jump that Jeff Herman could manage to stick one or more Charges Against Reverend Neil Doherty.


After stellar defense by Neil Doherty’s high-class attorneys, eventually the court found Doherty guilty of child sex abuse and was ordered to fork over a whopping $100 million to the single victim of the crime that was proven beyond a reasonable doubt from more than 25 years’ prior at the time of the trial in 2011.


Since then, Jeff Herman has been known as one of the most successful trial lawyers in the field of sexual abuse in the United States; even before then, Mr. Herman was known widely throughout the states of New York and Florida for his top-notch work in each of the two states, the latter being his home state of practice and residence. For over a decade, Herman has made national headlines exposing sexual predators and the institutions that protect them.


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Tips to prevent sexual abuse


Preventing all instances of child sexual abuse is impossible. However, if every parent equipped their children with the following knowledge, we’d all be better off:


  • Herman says to talk to children on a level they’ll understand when explaining abuse.


  • Make sure they know to scream as loudly and as long as they can.


  • Don’t just talk to your kids once about sex – keep the conversation ongoing.


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Susan McGalla Makes Things Better for Clients

For Susan McGalla, the point of being a strong leader is so she can help people see they have hope in the future. She’s a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go to great lengths to get it. She also feels good about helping other people and that’s something that makes it easier for her to create a connection with other women. For years, Susan McGalla spent time learning about how she could make a difference and she believed in herself as a powerful entity for the companies she worked with. It made sense for her to keep helping people connect under different circumstances and that was what allowed her the chance to live the best life she could. Susan McGalla knew what she needed to do and continued doing that in every way possible. She always wanted people to see her as someone who was successful no matter what.

Susan McGalla now consults with other people and tries to help businesses with the issues they have. She wants others to realize she’s doing a lot with the industry and that’s how she pushes forward to make things easier on her own. As long as she knows how to give attention to people who need it, Susan McGalla can provide them with positive experiences. It’s her idea of helping that allows her the chance to keep giving back to the community she works with.

There were times when Susan McGalla struggled as a CEO and a CFO. It’s not that she wasn’t good at her job. It’s that she wanted to make more of a difference, but she wasn’t able to because of how hard she had to work to run the business. Instead of focusing on improvements, she just had to run it to keep it above the water.

As things keep changing for Susan McGalla, she sees her career as something that will continue improving. She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to get it so she can help others with these issues. As long as she knows how to help people and how to give back on their own, there are things that will help her. Susan McGalla brings a lot of improvements to the companies she works with and that’s how she helps people understand the positive influence she has on everyone in the industry. She has a lot of hope for the future and for giving attention to people in the future.

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5 Tips For Business Success From Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman

In 2014, Paul Herdsman took a chance on building a business with no real experience in managing people or dealing with infrastructure. As co-founder of NICE Global, Paul dedicated himself to running the business located in his native island country of Jamaica. His hard work and initial planning have enabled Nice Global to succeed in the customer service industry.


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Mr. Herdsman offered some Useful Business Tips that help keep a budding company stay above the crowd.


  • Hire Great Talent


One of the most important steps in running a business is hiring the best talent. One of the ways NICE Global has done this is by creating a referral program. A referral program can help to bypass some of the long periods of searching for candidates.


  • Employee Satisfaction


The importance of employee satisfaction can play just as big a role as the happiness of your clients. This starts with creating more of a family type environment so that employees feel that they are part of the business and not just a number.


  • Train For Success


Paul Herdsman believes formal training is another aspect of employee satisfaction. Training can make the difference between a staff member being proficient or feeling like they were just thrown into the mix. After training, the learning curve needs to be an ongoing factor to help increase employee expertise. Happy, well-trained workers don’t usually go looking for other jobs. Clients gain comfort and trust in a company with workers that convey consistency and professionalism.


  • Reward Great Performance


Mr. Herdsman also stresses the importance or rewards for performance. Employees that help move the company in the right direction should get rewarded. This helps other employees see what they should be focused on and will push them to move in the same direction.


  • Be A Problem Solver


Finally, learn to be a great problem solver by asking questions that allow for greater refinement of the needs of the target audience. Both easy and complex problems can be solved by asking accurate questions and including the most qualified people in the discussion.


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Peter Briger Contributions

The World Billionaire List places Peter Briger in position 317 thus indicating that he has had a successful career. The vast wealth is widely linked to the operations of the Fortress Group. Peter employed his skills and insights in investment banking to form the Fortress group but later sold it to Softbank.

Softbank retained him as part of the Human resource capital that would oversee the smooth running of the group. He can be defined as being an experienced, skilled and committed investment banker who has transformed numerous businesses Peter Briger occupies the position of the Chairman of the Group’s board of directors. Bridger’s past engagements in various ventures have given him the acumen required to propel Fortress group success.

Although he is charged with different activities, his primary duties involve the management of financial and physical assets of the business. For the duration he has worked in the organization, it has registered positive performances and profit levels as compared to other organizations. The success can be linked to values like commitment, hard work, innovation and emphasis on teamwork.

Peter Briger’s Professional Background

Bridge commenced his career at Goldman Sachs where he held the position of hedge manager. After working for 12 years, he formed the Fortress Group. The entrepreneur attained his education from the Princeton University and the University of Pennsylvania. Feedbacks from other employees and workers paint him as a hardworking and committed individual. Likewise, many individuals are happy and contented with being part of the Fortress Group.

Other than the engagement in Fortress Group operations, Peter Briger equally engaged in communal and charitable events. He has on regular cases funded the Princeton Alumni’s Entrepreneurs Funds that seeks to offer assistance to individuals who wish to venture into businesses. Many people have benefited from the funds. Briger exhibits interest towards the Bitcoin technology and remains optimistic that it would shape future operations. He describes Bitcoin technology as being efficient and cheaper as compared to other payment systems. He hopes that Wall Street would embrace the innovation and the government move to create the required regulations. Meet Pete Briger: A Titan in the Investment and Finance World

Meet Igor Cornelsen: An Engineer, a Leader, and a Banker

Igor Cornelsen graduated from Federal University of Parana in the year 1970 and got a job at a prestigious investment bank. During those days, many banks had the tradition of employing young engineers because they were capable of calculating compounded interest rates. By then, computers and calculators were few and were rarely used.

Igor Cornelsen performed well and earned trust and respect from customers and employers. While working as a banker in Rio, he got a promotion to become one of the directors at Multibanco in the year 1974. Two years later, Igor became the Chief Executive Officer of the bank. In 1978, Multibanco became part of Bank of America and Igor decided to look for a job elsewhere. Luckily, he got an opportunity to work at Unibanco, top investment Company in Brazil.

Igor worked at the Unibanco until 1985, when he moved to the London Merchant Bank. This achievement did not only mark a critical point of his profession, but it also opened up several investment opportunities for him. After some time, Igor relocated to the Standard Chartered Merchant Firm as a director as well as the representative of the bank in Brazil. He remained at this vital position for seven years.

In 1995, Cornelsen decided to start his own investment company providing services similar to those provided by London merchant banks. Currently, Igor works at his company as the investment manager. He says that the idea of starting his firm was fueled by the high level of experience he had acquired while working as a banker. He had been managing funds since 1971 and had a wealth of experience in the area. He starts his normal day early in the morning. He then takes a look at the international news and studies economies as well as companies later in the day after which he listens to the view of his friends about the developments in the industry.

About Igor Cornelsen

Igor was born in October 1947 in Brazil. In the year 1965, he went to the University of Parana to study engineering. By then, engineering courses were highly competitive because they were only offered by one institution in the entire State of Parana. After studying engineering for two years, Cornelsen changed his mind. He chose to go another route: studying economics.

Rocketship Education Closes the Achievement Gap

Low-income earners face numerous hardships, the most prominent one being accessing quality education. Rocketship Education has come up with a solution for these people by establishing schools in neighborhoods that are dominated by people who are less financially endowed. The aim of these schools is to provide high-quality education for all students.

Rocketship Education is a network of public schools that have a K-5 charter. It was founded in the year 2006 by John Danner and Preston Smith. They established the first school the following year in San Jose, California. Besides, the idea of bringing excellent schools to areas where access to basic education is limited quite brilliant. It is also a first step in the journey of closing the achievement gap.

In order to tap the potential of the students, Rocketship Education gives each student attention based on their unique need. This is made possible by a combination of per-student tutoring, traditional instructions, and the use of adaptive technology. This has really transformed the provision of elementary education here in the United States.

The belief that each student deserves quality education has inspired Rocketship Education to expand rapidly. They open at least one school each year in different parts of the country like New Orleans, Indianapolis, and Washington DC. Each of these schools has about 450 students, which are actually an ideal student population size for a public school. Their vice president of policy Katy Venskus recently pointed out the fact that this expansion has made the network more complex. They, however, have adopted a system that simplifies their administration.

In addition to educating the students, Rocketship Education has done much more to transform the state of education in this country. They have been engaging the parents, empowering their teachers, and most prominent of all, they keep inspiring the community in general. This was done in the realization that in order to provide excellent education, all stakeholders have to be taken into consideration.

The Rocketship Education has really brought a new light to the education sector. They have been proving over and over that quality education for all is actually a possibility.

Vinod Gupta, A Great Success In The Business World

Since he was a child, Vinod Gupta places a high value on the need for education. Gupta received his Bachelor’s degree at ITT in India as well as holds a Master’s degree in Agricultural Engineering and Business from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, where he studied under a scholarship program. It is the reason he continues to provide educational opportunities to individuals who are in need together with applying it to his great success in business.


Vinod Gupta possesses unique skills of being an all-rounded, self-made as well as morally motivated business personality. He is the brain behind uber database technology, and also, he was able to create a $ 680 million company from a bank loan of $ 100. From the decades he has gained from operational experience, he formed his current venture, Everest Group, where he the Managing General Partner.


Everest Group provides venture capital regarding database technology, provides support in operations as well as education concerning underperforming assets together with assisting struggling firms to become profitable. The venture to being the businessman he is was driven by the gap he saw in a particular niche market where he took the challenge by himself to have it filled


Vinod Gupta majorly focuses on database technology where he says the business is ever changing due to rapid technological changes. Enterprises change with technology, therefore, the need to improve database technology. Concerning the day to day productivity of his firm, he puts less focus on daily operational needs and stresses on long-term growth, goals, and metrics which are essential for long-term business success. Visit This Page for more information.


The best way to motivate staff is through the appreciation of the value they add to the company. His advice about turning a struggling business into a profitable one is to identify the factors causing the bad performance and introducing measures to improve or eliminate the elements.


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Robert Deignan: A Digital Services Industry Leader

Robert Deignan is a Co-Founder and CEO of ATS Digital Services. The company is located in Boca Raton, Florida. The idea for ATS came from the work that he performed with his business partners at an Anti-Malware company. ATS was founded in 2011. ATS assists customers with all aspects of digital support.


Most of the ideas Robert Deignan develops begin while he is outside with nature and away from technology. The workstyle he uses with his business partners consist of cultivating ideas in a way that requires infrequent meetings. His business advice to others is to listen to their gut when making decisions. Deignan is a firm believer in following his intuition when making decisions in his company and is aware of times when he has ignored his personal feelings and made bad choices in business.


Deignan began his career as a business leader in the classroom and on the football field in college. He earned a degree in Organizational Leadership from Purdue University. He is originally from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and he currently lives and works in the local area. Professionally, Deignan began his career as a professional football player. After playing for two seasons in the National Football League, Robert Deignan Co-Founded Fanlink Inc.


Currently, Robert Deignan and his partners use an approach in their business which assist them in developing their company in a productive manner. At ATS, Deignan and his partners use their background and skills to determine if the ideas they have are practical and use the most streamlined approach to introduce a product to the market. Robert Deignan believes his ability to evaluate data is a good habit which assists him in his business. Professionally, he is a believer in working with individuals who have the ability to produce additional investors and help in the networking process to build clients for the company.