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Vinod Gupta, A Great Success In The Business World

Since he was a child, Vinod Gupta places a high value on the need for education. Gupta received his Bachelor’s degree at ITT in India as well as holds a Master’s degree in Agricultural Engineering and Business from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, where he studied under a scholarship program. It is the reason he continues to provide educational opportunities to individuals who are in need together with applying it to his great success in business.


Vinod Gupta possesses unique skills of being an all-rounded, self-made as well as morally motivated business personality. He is the brain behind uber database technology, and also, he was able to create a $ 680 million company from a bank loan of $ 100. From the decades he has gained from operational experience, he formed his current venture, Everest Group, where he the Managing General Partner.


Everest Group provides venture capital regarding database technology, provides support in operations as well as education concerning underperforming assets together with assisting struggling firms to become profitable. The venture to being the businessman he is was driven by the gap he saw in a particular niche market where he took the challenge by himself to have it filled


Vinod Gupta majorly focuses on database technology where he says the business is ever changing due to rapid technological changes. Enterprises change with technology, therefore, the need to improve database technology. Concerning the day to day productivity of his firm, he puts less focus on daily operational needs and stresses on long-term growth, goals, and metrics which are essential for long-term business success. Visit This Page for more information.


The best way to motivate staff is through the appreciation of the value they add to the company. His advice about turning a struggling business into a profitable one is to identify the factors causing the bad performance and introducing measures to improve or eliminate the elements.


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Robert Deignan: A Digital Services Industry Leader

Robert Deignan is a Co-Founder and CEO of ATS Digital Services. The company is located in Boca Raton, Florida. The idea for ATS came from the work that he performed with his business partners at an Anti-Malware company. ATS was founded in 2011. ATS assists customers with all aspects of digital support.


Most of the ideas Robert Deignan develops begin while he is outside with nature and away from technology. The workstyle he uses with his business partners consist of cultivating ideas in a way that requires infrequent meetings. His business advice to others is to listen to their gut when making decisions. Deignan is a firm believer in following his intuition when making decisions in his company and is aware of times when he has ignored his personal feelings and made bad choices in business.


Deignan began his career as a business leader in the classroom and on the football field in college. He earned a degree in Organizational Leadership from Purdue University. He is originally from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and he currently lives and works in the local area. Professionally, Deignan began his career as a professional football player. After playing for two seasons in the National Football League, Robert Deignan Co-Founded Fanlink Inc.


Currently, Robert Deignan and his partners use an approach in their business which assist them in developing their company in a productive manner. At ATS, Deignan and his partners use their background and skills to determine if the ideas they have are practical and use the most streamlined approach to introduce a product to the market. Robert Deignan believes his ability to evaluate data is a good habit which assists him in his business. Professionally, he is a believer in working with individuals who have the ability to produce additional investors and help in the networking process to build clients for the company.

Herbalife Strikes a Deal with Jonathan dos Santos till the Year 2021

If you are looking for nutritional products that would help you meet the nutritional requirements of your body with ease, then you must try the nutritional products from Herbalife. It is one of the leaders in the nutrition industry and has an extensive range of nutritional products that help people stay fit and healthy. The food habits of people have deteriorated in the past couple of decades, and it doesn’t provide the body with the optimum amount of vitamins, minerals, and other essential elements that the body needs proper functioning. Herbalife has products that would ensure that your body gets proper nutritional requirements. The company has been around for years and is known for the high-quality products that they offer to their customers.


Our body needs a balanced amount of various elements to function optimally, and Herbalife has a product range that provides that. The company has a global presence in many different countries, and it continues to make its presence stronger worldwide with time. The products of Herbalife are marketed through its network of members spread across the globe. It helps the company to penetrate different markets with ease and ensure that its products are available and easily accessible. Herbalife is also a popular nutritional products company among the athletes, and many of the popular sports personalities swear by the benefits they have felt after consuming the products of Herbalife. But, it is not just sportsperson who can benefit from their products; even ordinary people can live a healthy life by consuming them.


Herbalife sponsors more than 190 athletes from across the globe, and it includes popular names like Cristiano Ronaldo as well. The company recently sponsored Mexican midfielder named Jonathan dos Santos. He is the member of the LA Galaxy, a team that is endorsed by Herbalife as well. Jonathan dos Santos is the member of the Mexican world cup team and is known for his commitment to health and fitness. It is this commitment to fit and healthy life that compelled Herbalife to partner with the athlete as its sports performance nutrition partner. The CEO of Herbalife Rich Goudis said that it is a matter of pride for the company to sponsor Mexican soccer champion, and believes that it would help the company’s brand recognition positively as well during the world cup season. The company is hopeful that the association will be welcomed by others and will help the company grow further in the coming years.

Sightsavers Sets Sights on Website

Sightsavers is a medical company that is set up to perform sight saving surgeries to those in need in low income communities. They serve all types of people and in several countries. Mostly in third world countries but also the United States, UK, Ireland, and the Middle East to name a few. Doctors perform eye surgeries and sight saving procedures on children and adults who are in desperate need of the surgeries.


Sight savers has recently set up a website to showcase research and publications. The website is designed to help people find them and discover the amazing things they do. This will help Sightsavers get help with research, funding and provide some resources. In 2017, Sightsavers was awarded the Independent Research Organization status to allow them to perform research.


Now with availability of grants and funding Sightsavers can perform various research on tropical diseases and glaucoma among other research topics. There are several types of eye diseases that need to be researched and cured or at least stabilized in these cultures. Some to not only restore eyesight, stop progression of the disease but also life saving. If untreated some eye disease may lead up to death in some situations. Being allowed to do extensive research is a must for this type of organization.


The research website is full of information and resources and provides mission statements and other legal answers. Providing options for research is imperative to Sightsavers as they want to keep up to date on all areas of the medical arena to include current eye care procedures and policies. At the website you also find a tab for publications and resources. Here you will be able to discover many places who support Sightsavers and offer other means of help. Doctors and nurses around the world can help support the mission of Sightsavers by viewing their mission and supporting their vision. Also on the website is a tab where you can view projects that have been successful and read about where Sightsavers is headed in the future.

Exclusive Austin Texas VIP Golf Packages

Austin has several high quality VIP golf courses. Whatever your taste or experience there are several golf courses that will meet your needs. There are several excellent golf courses that are located on the outskirts of Austin. Just a short distance from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Austin area has several quality golf courses in the area including VIP Golf Austin.


If you are considering golf clubs in the area take some time to visit two of the most popular golf clubs in the area. Both of these clubs provide golf packages by VIP Golf Austin and access to a quality golf course.


One of the most premier golf courses in Austin is Avery Ranch. This Ranch is located just a short distance from downtown Austin. Golfers are able to experience an upscale golfing course. The beautiful course provides access to natural limestone caverns, rolling hills, meandering streams, an expansive lake surrounded by live oak trees. This is a truly beautiful and enjoyable golf course. Golfers will find that the course is one of a kind and challenging. Avery Ranch is considered a top rated a golf course in Central Texas and is considered one of the best places to hold events. The 36 hole course provides is open 7 days a week and members have access to a variety of packages starting at $29.


TeraVista Golf Course provides an exceptional golfing experience. The beauty of the area is unmatched and quite enjoyable. The 18 hole golf course provides an expansive view extending over a 30 mile range. The golf course is located in Texas hill country and visitors are able to view rolling hills from every viewpoint. While the golf course provides a . The golf course is challenging but is suitable for a wide range of skill levels. Members also have access to practice greens and Fairway bunkers. The golf course is open daily and sets are available for as little as $25.00


The facility is also home to the JL Lewis Golf Academy which provides golf lessons for beginners and experienced golfers. The golf club has recently added Golf boards. This is an innovative way of traveling throughout the course and is a unique solution compared to golf carts. The golf board runs is an electric vehicle that runs on a lithium battery. Cruising on the board is similar to a snowboarding or surfing.


Golf is a wonderfully rewarding game. The beautiful green courses can be extremely calming, and the game is in many ways stress free. Once you have mastered one course, there are several others that you are able to experience. With the handicap system, you can take any of your friends to play. There is no need to worry about their skill level. Simply hand them a golf club and send them on the way. The sport is simple and laid back just spend a few hours putting the ball while enjoying time with friends. Even take a few colleagues along in order to talk business while relaxing.

OSI Group & The Future of Food Wholesale

The wholesale food industry is thriving, and it is at an all-time high. This specific industry brings in billions on an annual basis. There are plenty of food providers that are currently on the market, but none of them can outperform OSI Group. OSI Group is more than just your standard food provider. This company has manifested into being a global enterprise. All you have to do is to look at its resume. Innovation has been the key to such huge success. This company has seen it all and has been through it all. OSI has high-capacity productions lines, uses cryogenics very efficiently and provides top-notch quality-food assurance.

By forging many strong friendships with industry leaders, OSI has been able to maintain its dominance fairly easy. Ray Kroc, the former-CEO of McDonald’s, was one of the company’s very first high-profile clients. Kroc made a deal with OSI for supplying McDonald’s with fresh beef. Otto Koslchowski was OSI’s founder, but the deal was made decades later with Harry and Arthur Kolschowski. These two masterminds were the sons of Otto himself. All of this was happening during a time that was known as the postwar-economic expansion. During this specific time, restaurants were popping-up all over the place, especially on the outer limits of most big cities. Kroc was only using four meat suppliers once the 1960s came along and one of those four meat suppliers was OSI Group. To give you a better perspective of the business, this particular company was named Otto & Sons until 1975.

As of now, OSI Group has plants all across America, including Utah, California, Illinois and Iowa. In 1977, the company built and opened its first major plant in West Jordan, Utah. All in all, OSI Group seems to be in great hands thanks to its wonderful leadership, but there are bigger things that are in the works for the future.

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Dr. Saad Saad Excels as a Paediatric Surgeon

For those who are into medicine with the pediatric division as the central unit of practice, then Dr. Saad Saad is the person to look up to. He is one individual who has managed to craft his career in the competitive industry of medicine perfectly. For that reason, he is considered successful since he has learned plenty of life lessons that have encouraged him to work hard in saving children’s lives. With that said, Dr. Saad has been in the industry of pediatric surgeons for about 47 years. What is more, even as he retired, his legacy remained in the hearts of the parents whose children he treated.

Saad Saad came into this world in the 1940’s. He spent his youthful years in Palestine. Unfortunately, his life was not as smooth because he was born after the World War II. His family was forcibly yanked out of their state and sent to different homes. As an infant, he recalls that his father was a traveler who spent most of his time working on various projects away from home. Therefore, he was mostly raised by his mother. On one day, however, they were sent off from their state by a bus. While leaving, his mother left all their possessions behind thinking that there was going to be a come-back. However, they never went back home. They were left at West Bank, and their father never saw them for some time. His father would, later on, pay someone to cross him over to them through a boat. That for him was the turning point because what followed was a rollercoaster of projects that encompassed the creation of his career.

Dr. Saad Saad joined high school in Kuwait. Growing up with his elder brothers was fun because he always aspired to become an exemplary figure. While his brothers worked in the industry of construction, Saad observed and was keen on how daunting the job was. That is how he decided to focus on being a medical doctor working as a surgeon. According to him, the construction site was too uncomfortable, and he could not stand the sun and the difficulties it came with. He first earned a degree in medicine from Cairo University where he graduated with honors. Learn more:

Since Kuwait did not offer some of the courses he was mainly interested in, he moved to England where he enrolled for an internship before moving to the United States of America. While there, he focused on acquiring licensing and perfected his art in medicine. With time, he was now able to practice in different hospitals including K Hovnanian Children Hospital and King Faisal Hospital. He is fondly remembered for his services as he did not only save lives but also help the less fortunate children access healthcare services.

Alex Pall’s Journey to Self Discovery

There are many things to be said about The Chainsmokers, but “lazy” is the furthest description from the truth. In Alex Pall’s mid 20’s, he worked at an art gallery in New York, and worked as a DJ by night. As years went on, he noticed that his DJ life was consuming him. His manager, which is his current manager today, got in contact with Andrew (Drew) Taggart, who was going to school in Maine at the time. He had a small following on Soundcloud, and got in contact with Alex’s manager through a friend. Alex, and Drew clicked immediately and began their work together.

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Alex’s passion for his craft is uncontested; in his interview he states “It was like, 9 AM to 7 PM, we got together every day and worked on music and creating our identity as artists.”, he and his partner, drew, share this ambition, which makes their relation ship so cohesive, and essentially what makes The Chainsmokers who they are. They are constantly trying to make themselves something new, refreshing, and exciting. There is something to be said about their work ethic, when the interviewer asks them about how they anticipate their audience and how it affects their visuals, Alex replied: “We bring it upon ourselves to bring a new and exciting show. It also comes down to us. We don’t want to keep doing the same things.” but also adds later that they truly only make the music for themselves, and work towards making themselves better as artists with every show they have.

Alex, now 33, has been working on his career diligently for years now, and at they grow larger, and more global as a group, they’re constantly trying to innovate who they are to keep them in competition with current high profile DJ’s, Alex concludes the interview with: So for us it’s all about being on the forefront of pushing new boundaries and giving people new experiences.”. Alex, and Drew are aware of the ever-changing genre, and both have the ambition and drive to keep doing what they do best- music.

Jeunesse Direct Selling Potential

Direct Selling with Jeunesse

Jeunesse is one of the most successful direct selling companies in the world. The company was founded just a few years ago. In 2015, Jeunesse became the fastest company to reach a billion dollars of sales in the direct selling industry.

Direct selling is a proven strategy for people to generate income. Jeunesse offers health and beauty products that make people look and feel young. The health industry has expanded in recent years. More people than ever are trying to improve their appearance.

Why Jeunesse?

With so many direct selling options to choose from, it is hard to select a company to work with. One of the biggest reasons to consider working with Jeunesse is the excellent customer service. The company has a culture dedicated to helping customers in various ways. Customers can return a product for a full refund if they are not satisfied.

Numerous direct sellers have started to generate thousands of dollars a month in additional income by selling Jeunesse products. Most direct sellers maintain their current job and sell Jeunesse products on the side. Becoming a distributor is a proven way to generate extra income.


Anyone who wants to generate additional income from direct selling must be willing to advertise the products regularly. Some Jeunesse sellers invest in a website. Other sellers rely on Founderother forms of marketing.

New Products

Jeunesse plans to offer multiple new products in 2018. Many customers have asked about natural and organic ingredients in beauty products. Although organic ingredients are more expensive than traditional beauty products, the leaders of Jeunesse want to offer organic options to customers.

Although Jeunesse is still a new company to the beauty industry, it offers an excellent opportunity for people to generate additional income.

Contributions Of Shiraz Boghani In Success Of Splendid Hospitality Group

Shiraz Boghani is a successful hotelier that has achieved massive in his career life. It is through the passion and commitment that he had towards the hospitality industry that led him to be awarded in 2016 as the hotelier of the year.

Shiraz has been serving in the Splendid Hospitality Group as the chairman. The success and significant achievements that Boghani has in the hospitality industry has been facilitated by his years of experience in the industry. Through that, he understands the market appropriately thus knowing the available opportunities and threats in the hospitality industry.

In the United Kingdom, there are over 19 Hotels that Shiraz Boghani handles and ensure proper coordination of operations. The qualification of Boghani is in the field of accounting. He incorporates his accounting skills to ensure appropriate management of the splendid hospitality Group. The idea of becoming a great hotelier began back in the 1990s where he offered hospitality services to customers. From a small beginning he emerged and rose to prominence, and he has lots of projects that he runs in London.


Besides serving in Splendid Hospitality Group, he works as chairman of Sussex Healthcare. He has offered a lot of services to ensure growth and success of this healthcare. The patients can be able to receive quality health services from experienced and highly trained staff members. The patients that are mostly considered by Sussex include those with disabilities and elderly in the society. It has been the responsibility of Boghani to ensure the patients that receive the services from Sussex are satisfied with the services that they receive.

Moreover, the leadership of Shiraz Boghani is recommendable since there is significant growth of splendid Hospitality Group. The employees have the best environment where they serve and feel comfortable serving in that group led by Mr. Boghani. Additionally, Boghani offers support to various philanthropic organizations. The need is to make sure that all less privileged children in the community can be able to have better access to education and meet their daily needs. Through the services that are provided by the Charitable organizations and foundations have made it possible for equality in services for people. Also, he offers tips for success to those entrepreneurs that have the passion for being their own bosses. Those that have put into consideration the strategies from Shiraz Boghani have achieved their goals in life. Therefore, Shiraz is a role model to numerous entrepreneurs.

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